1956 Fiat 1100 – mint condition !!!!!!


1956 Fiat 1100/103 – Recently restored !!!

The 1953 Geneva motor show witnessed the premiere of this new car, called the Fiat 1100-03,

and it was nothing short of revolutionary for its time:

the 1100 was extremely modern, the body was all-new and used a monocoque construction and

it was even fitted with a heater to keep you comfortable and a radio to play your tunes on the go,

the excellent chassis, with a well-placed rear axle and precise steering, meant that exotic

coachbuilders like Zagato and Pininfarina used these as a base for some of their cars

The Fiat 1100 can be thought of as a car that offers a sensible entry point  to the world of classic car,

it is one of the last of an era when cars were designed with elegant strokes of a pen on a sheet of paper…

Do not think about it too much because the sudden interest in Fiats has caused the

prices have literally escalated tenfold over the last decade !!!

Professionally restored in Italy a few year ago :

original colour Fiat dark blue – 456 , new interior in original Fiat eco-leather,

the paintwork and body are in great shape, no rust and perfect in every detail,

perfect mechanics, perfect engine, matching numbers


The asking price is:

14.500$ (USD)

Let us your best offer for this car and we will evaluate….

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